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Wasting money on facebook ads? Follow these simple steps for better conversions

Facebook ads can be extremely frustrating at times not to mention money grabbing. I would know because I use facebook ads for myself and clients. Seems everyday I return to the social world to be confronted by another feature by the heavy weight giant… First thought that comes to mind is what is this going […]


Four Pinterest Tools For Businesses

Pinterest is one of the latest and most popular networking sites of today’s generation. This is a place where users can share and pin photos of their favorite clothes, preferred brands and many more. A lot of users are having a great Pinterest experience however the software developers are still not satisfied. That is why […]


The SEO Benefits of Social Media

According to a recent study by Retrevo, 91% from the total number of respondents said that they are checking their Facebook accounts as many as 10 times a day. Twitter on the other hand, is receiving 200 million tweets daily based on the article of Schonfeld. Conventional sociologists may interpret this as an alarming statistics, […]

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